Distance (straight line) NL

Return driving distance and time between two Dutch postcodes.

Note: This is the documentation for the v2 API which is still in beta.

Given a from and to postcode return the distance between them. If the road algorithm is selected this distance will be over the road and include a drive time. The given postcodes should either be both fourpps or sixpps

Required parameters

  • toPostalCode (string): A sixpp or a fourpp to calculate to.
  • fromPostalCode (string): A sixpp to start calculating from.

Optional parameters

  • algorithm (string): algorithm: Choose an algorithm. road to calculate the actual traveling distance and time over actual roads, or straight to obtain the distance in a straight line. Any subscription allows access to the straight line distance, however the road algorithm uses the drive time matrix (shortest route) that requires a ’development agency’ or higher subscription level when used through the API. For trial purposes, a range of postcodes is allowed with any subscription level: 1000..1098, 1100..1108 (Amsterdam), 3000..3089 (Rotterdam), 5600..5658 (Eindhoven).


authKey: This is the Authorization key. You have to add it as a GET parameter. Your auth key can be found on the CMS.

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