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Autocomplete Belgiumbeta

Belgian addresses can be supplemented with this API call. The documentation for Dutch addresses can be found under autocomplete Netherlands.

The following information is required to fully validate a Belgian address:

  • Postal number (also available from location)
  • Street
  • House number (with possibly a subaddress indication such as apartment or bus number)

There are various API calls available to create a user-friendly application where post number, place and street can be supplemented by only specifying the first numbers / letters.

Mandatory parameters

Use one of the two mandatory parameters:

  • be_fourpp: enter the Belgian postal code (partial or full 4 digits), for province, municipality and city information.
  • be_city: enter a (partial) Belgian city name, for province, municipality and postal code information.

Optional parameters

  • street: enter a (partial) street to receive a list of streets that meet the specified (partial) street name. To be able to validate a street, the be_fourpp parameter is also mandatory.
  • streetnumber: enter a house number. To be able to validate a house number, the full be_fourpp and street are required.
  • subaddress: enter a sub-address (e.g. bus number or apartment number). To be able to validate a sub-address the full be_fourpp, street and streetnumber are required.
  • language: Specify the language in which the city and street data are searched. Options are nl and fr. Both languages are searched by default.
  • per_page: the maximum number of results that are returned. The default is 10.
Alert: Fields ‘province’, ‘municipality’, ‘city’ and ‘street’ have been included in the results for a short time. Since the export became multilingual at the beginning of July 2015, the ‘province_en’, ’province_fr’, ’municipality_en’, ’municipality_en’, ’city_en’, ’city_fr’, ’street_en’ and ’street_fr’ fields should be used.


Postcode Request


This request gives the following result:

  "status": "ok",
  "results": [
      "province_nl": "Brussel",
      "province_fr": "Bruxelles",
      "municipality_nl": "Sint-lambrechts-woluwe",
      "municipality_fr": "Woluwe-saint-lambert",
      "city_nl": "Sint-lambrechts-woluwe",
      "city_fr": "Woluwe-saint-lambert",
      "fourpp": 1200,
      "lat": null,
      "lng": null

Street request

In this example, in addition to requesting a partial street name, the XML output format is also chosen.


This request gives the following result:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <street_nl>A. Marinusgaarde</street_nl>
      <street_nl>A.en M.L. Servais-Kinetstraat</street_nl>
      <street_nl>A.J. Slegersgaarde</street_nl>
      <street_fr>Avenue Lambeau</street_fr>

Error messages

  • Invalid be_fourpp format
    Het formaat dient te bestaan uit 4 cijfers. Extra spatiëring en gebruik van hoofd- of kleine letters worden automatisch gecorrigeerd.
  • Street number not found
    De ‘street number’ parameter is meegegeven maar het opgegeven huisnummer bestaat niet volgens onze database.

Example code

The autocomplete method is demonstrated in these ready-to-use examples: