API documentation

Download a database

There are several kinds of databases to download. Most are distributed in the CSV format. There is example code available that shows how to easily process the dataset for importing into your own database.

Example code

The download method is demonstrated in the following example:

Postcode database download

Display the data of the last available version of the databases to be downloaded.

Required parameters

  • asset: specify the desired download. The file names available to you are visible in the CMS. For example "download_en_sixpp.zip".

Results example


This request gives the following result:

  "status": "ok",
  "results": {
    "last_updated": "201206010000",
    "filesize": 9704236,
    "download_link": "https://api.pro6pp.nl/v1/download?asset=download_nl_sixpp.zip&auth_key=YOUR_AUTH_KEY",
    "md5_hash": "e0380a5fc1c31d64e9388ca1913ddd25"

More examples of processing the downloads.