API documentation

Default error messages

Beside their specific error messages, the API calls may also return specific error messages:

  • Parameter auth_key is required
    Most API calls require the “auth_key” parameter. This key was generated when the Pro6PP (trial) account was created.
  • auth_key does not exist
    The given “auth_key’ parameter doesn’t exist. Please check for mistakes in the auth key, or create a new Pro6PP (trial) account to receive a new key.
  • auth_key is not activated yet
    When a Pro6PP (trial) account was created, a verification email was sent. The link in the verification email hasn’t been visited yet.
  • auth_key has expired
    The Pro6PP (trial) account has expired. A trial account is valid for 2 months. After it has expired, it can be extended in our CMS.
  • auth_key has no more credits
    Our “prepaid” subscription, you grant you a number of credits to make API calls. The credit limit has been reached. The credit limit can be changed in our CMS.
  • Unable to get required REFERER
    Please see our FAQ about security.
  • This request is blocked due to javascript domain security settings
    Please see our FAQ about security.

Errors are displayed in the following format. (JSON)

  "status": "error",
  "results": [],
  "error": {
    "message": "nl_fourpp not found"